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My Very First Newsletter!

Wassup y'all

How's everyone doing? How are you? Good. What? Ok. Good. Anyway, My name's Mahdi. Welcome to my newsletter! 


First things first, I got a couple of shows coming up: One is an open mic/concert thing where three musicians are going to play in between open mic acts. The first one is in a Japanese restaurant called Nabe in Harlem, so it's bound to be interesting (I'll also put all the links at the bottom). The other one is a SofarSounds happening in Chelsea, it's one of those intimate shows, no amps, no frills, just the crowd and the music. 



While working on my music, I've also been spending some time on this new art project. Maybe you've seen it already, but I'm talking about my series of portraits, the New York Neighborhood ones, these ones:

These are all portraits inspired by different neighborhoods in the city. I go to a place, spend a while there, walk around, grab a coffee, hang out, talk to people, see what's good, and then I go home and paint whatever comes to mind. A feel for a neighborhood. There are plenty more neighborhoods to go, so I'll let you guys know when I'm done with it. 



Nabe Harlem


Thank you all for checking out the shows, the links, and all my work. I always love hearing from you guys so don't hesitate to hit me up. Keep on tunin' in, and I'll see you guys on the flip side. Keep it real. 





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