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My Very Second Newsletter!

Wassup y'all

Ok so first off, good to talk to you again, its been a while. Hows everything? mhm. goooooood. Welcome to the second installment of this sporadic newsletter!


Lets get this out of the way, I have two shows coming up! The first is on the 1st of March at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn and the second is on the 28th of April at Rockwood Music Hall. Check it out, come through, and stay tuned in on the Instagram for latest news about open mics and my general whereabouts. 



I had three shows since the last time we spoke. I had the one in Nabe Harlem, Rockwood Music Hall and a SofarSounds in a Chelsea apartment. 

Nabe Harlem, a Japanese restaurant/underground music joint proved to be a platform for the Harlem locals to spit their rhymes and speak their prose. On a very rainy, quite vacant Superbowl night there was a hole in the wall filled with laughter, applause, and profound understanding of the human experience. After performing and hearing all the performers that night I can testify that Poetry is coming back to Harlem, or rather, never left. 



A few days later I ventured downtown at around 10pm to get to Rockwood Music Hall for my midnight show. It was a Wednesday and cold. Not many people in the streets. I figured I'd be playing to an empty room but when it was my turn to hit the stage there remained the band that came on before me, some people who happened to walk by, and a very drunk old man. It was a very intimate show, you couldn't tell what decade that room was in, time stopped for a little while, at least for me it did.



Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.29.14 PM.jpg

Most recently I had a SofarSounds in a Chelsea apartment, right across from one of my favorite diners. SofarSounds are a great way to discover new music. People bring their own drinks, sit quietly, listen, discover, and then move on. What a lovely idea. 




I'm still working on the paintings, here are the latest ones:


These are all portraits inspired by different neighborhoods in the city. I go to a place, spend a while there, walk around, grab a coffee, hang out, talk to people, see what's good, and then I go home and paint whatever comes to mind. A feel for a neighborhood. These two are El Barrio & Alphabet City, respectively. 



Pete's Candy Store


Rockwood Music Hall

Thanks again for checking out the shows, the links, and all my work. You guys rock. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think.





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