Album Review: A Little Time

Mahdi Khene’s music is fresh but grounded in the best kind of roots. I never expected to hear echoes of Blonde on Blonde and the Yardbirds in 2019, but he pulls it off easily: ecstatic guitars and granular melodies threaded together without showiness.  Good stuff!
— Van Gosse, Former writer of Rock’s Back Pages & The Village Voice

EP Review: Mahdi Khene

Much like his journeyed life, Mahdi Khene’s EP comes around full circle. From start to finish it’s about the adventure of love and the ups and downs it brings. Yet he keeps things light by reminding listeners to take it easy and live in the moment. His style is in the similar vain of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. It has a lit bit of folk, blues and rock n’ roll to blend a sound that everyone should find enjoyable.
— Vidal Granandos, Divide & Conquer

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